Conveniently manage your site's content, at any time.

Live content management

Directly modify your content with the help of our management interface. allows you to modify your sites content quickly, easily, and without any need for technical knowledge.

Adding, modifying, and deleting content takes place directly in the site. The modifications are immediately pushed and visible.

Reorganize your content

You can reorganize your content by simply dragging and dropping. Switch two items on your menu or rearrange the photo display—it's like a game.

Content adapted to your area of activity

The content management modules are made specifically with the food service industry needs in mind, making it easy for you to include your menu, business hours, or address.

Dishes and drinks

Enter for each dish: a title, a description, a price, an image with variants support (i.e. small/large salad).

Set menus

A dedicated module allows you to enter set menus easily and quickly.

Images & Videos

Upload your images and simply integrate youtube videos.


Spread the word about upcoming events, highlighting your restaurant's enthusiasm and community involvement.

Address & Map

Display your address, related map and contact info on every page footer.

Opening Hours

Display opening hours on every page footer.

Restaurant name

Display in header the name, slogan and the logo of your restaurant.

Networks links

Link your restaurant website to social networks.


Create a multilingual website to reach a wider audience.

Image management

Drag and drop

Within the management interface, directly add your images by dragging them in from your desktop or web browser.

Full page

By clicking on photos or illustrations on your site, your visitors can see them in full screen, without losing any quality.


Once a photo is displayed in full screen, you have the option to go from one photo to another within a gallery. A gallery gathers the set of all images displayed on a page.

Illustration showing full-screen photos on each site.

Content optimized for search engines


Your website is visible on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). We do everything we technically can for your site to be well ranked.

Page title and description

You have control over the structure of your site, as well as over the metadata associated with each page, such as the title or description.

Clean and readable URL's

All of your pages have a clean, readable, and easily indexed URL.

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